How can I contact the staff on site at the pool?
The direct number for the Hygiene Officer at the pool is:- 07858 392425
Can my child be added to a waiting list?
Yes. Please message us if you would like us to add your child to the waiting list for the next group of sessions. We have three sessions each year - Winter (January to Easter); Summer (Easter to July) and Autumn (September to Christmas).
Does a parent need to get in the water with their child?
Only with the cygnet classes. In the duckling classes the instructor is in the water with the children. Older children will be in the water on their own.
Does Swimstart have Enhanced DBS Certificates for staff?
What is the postcode and address for the pool?
Hothfield Street, Silsden. Number 35 BD20 0PP
What is the temperature of the pool water?
As our pool is only for babies and children it runs at a nice warm 31.4 degrees. The temperature is digitally controlled.
Can I buy hats, goggles, swim bags etc at the pool?
Yes. We have a selection of items available at a competitive price to purchase at the pool. Please ask the Hygiene Officer if you would like to buy anything.
How quickly can I expect a reply to my query?
The office staff work 10 hours each per week. They will reply to any enquiry when they are next in the office, this may not be for a few days. The managers are always on call in case of a pool emergency.

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